Former Modern Languages Students Illuminate Exciting Career Paths

Former Modern Languages Students Illuminate Exciting Career Paths


Why study languages? The list of reasons I could provide is endless and well researched – improving job prospects, increasing personal confidence, stimulating the brain and opening minds, making new friends and so on – but perhaps the best way to illustrate the exciting opportunities this subject can also provide is by reading about the fascinating pathways taken by two former pupils, both brothers, who studied Spanish A Level (one with French A Level) here at Tranby – Rajan and Nish Kapur.

After leaving in 2013, Rajan read Spanish and Portuguese at university. During his year abroad, he worked as a football journalist in Barcelona and in hospitality during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Since graduating, he has spent more than 6 years working in Strategy for City Football Group, owners of Manchester City and the biggest multi-club football group in the world. The Group’s club portfolio includes 13 teams including 4 in Spanish or Portuguese-speaking countries (Girona in Spain, Montevideo City in Uruguay, Bahia in Brazil and Bolivar in Bolivia). Rajan leads strategic projects including club acquisitions, long-term planning and league engagement. Studying languages has allowed him to travel extensively and work on projects across the world. Most recently, he attended a series of meetings and events in Mexico City.


Nish, his younger brother, studied A Level Spanish and French, before leaving in 2014 to read Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Nottingham. After graduating, Nish joined the UK Diplomatic Service, helping to deliver Government aims overseas. During his 5 years as a diplomat, Nish has served in London, Botswana and Los Angeles helping to protect British nationals during crises, to sign trade deals to promote UK business and to brief members of the Government including Foreign Secretaries ahead of key international engagements. Nish is currently stationed in Bogota, Colombia, where he uses Spanish and Portuguese on a daily basis to work with foreign governments across Latin America. In the past few months his language skills have been vital during visits to Mexico and Peru, and even to the US and China.


It is hoped that our two alumni will serve as excellent role models to pupils currently studying languages at Tranby, and that their career profiles to date will help provide just that little extra incentive to our pupils studying for public examinations as the exam season approaches. It is well worth all the hard work!