Senior - Enrichment and Co-Curricular

Extra-curricular activities are a key part of our provision. Senior school pupils participate in three lunchtime activities every week and have a variety of options from which they can choose. Our lunchtime activities cover music, drama and arts & crafts as well as more academic and revision-based options. Pupils must commit to a particular activity for a term though many remain loyal to a particular club for years. For some it becomes a lifelong interest and passion. 

The activities programme at Tranby allows pupils to broaden their experience by enjoying clubs outside their usual timetable and often, alongside pupils from different year groups. Pupils are able to share their interests with staff as well as their peers as they can request new activities via the pupil council. Taking part in the activities programme ensures that all pupils are using their time constructively at lunchtime as we enjoy a significant and well-earned break in the school day.  

The music department offer a number of options over the course of the year. Year 7 pupils have their first taste of performing in the Senior School in the Year 7 choir, while the older year groups are invited to practise and perform in the Chorus. Pupils who learn a musical instrument in school are encouraged to join at least one of the groups open to them whether it be the full school orchestra or a duet or trio. 

Sports activities are a crucial part of the activities programme with a range of options open to all pupils every term. Lunchtime sport activities serve to support the after-school training for the school teams but also allow all pupils to enjoy playing in a relaxed and supportive way. The regular sports available are futsal and netball in the winter months and tennis in the summer but we also have a range of sports available during the year including lacrosse, badminton, mixed hockey and mixed football. 

Prospective pupils may be registered for admission at any time. You can book a private tour HERE and meet Headmistress Alex Wilson along with students. 

Our Registrar Sharon McEwan is available to answer your questions. Please email Sharon.McEwan@tranby.org.uk or telephone 01482 657016.