Prep Academic

Our curriculum is designed to give a wide range of experiences, with expert teachers providing bespoke subject specialisms. We look to identify each pupil’s personal talent and subject passion, ensuring we maximise their potential.

Whilst being encouraged to follow their passions, we believe entirely in a broad and enriched curriculum which helps breed new enthusiasm for different subject areas. Our high expectations for all pupils are the cornerstone of developing them into life-long learners.

Being able to face challenges within each subject and overcome them are essential life lessons that will help build their resilience, develop their independence, and strengthen their growth mindset.

We take pride in our high-quality teaching of core subjects (Maths and English) but recognise the need for these skills to be transferable and applied across all areas of our curriculum. This then enhances the pupils’ ability to access our equally high-quality teaching of the Humanities, Sport, and the Arts. If you would like to find out more about specific subject areas, please choose from the selection below. 

  • English

    Our teaching of English aims to develop pupils who have a life-long love of reading, an enjoyment and appreciation of quality writing and an advanced understanding of the spoken word, demonstrating a broad and varied vocabulary. These fundamentals are the driving force behind each and every lesson, where we expose pupils to the best in modern and classic literature, recognise varying writing styles inspired by the greats and explore the complex and vast word of language. 

  • Maths

    Mathematics is a tool for everyday life. At Tranby, the teaching and learning of Mathematics prepares our pupils in their real lives in order for them to make sense of the world of number beyond the classroom. Here at Tranby, we follow a mastery approach which builds our pupils’ mathematical fluency ensuring that their potential is nurtured. This allows our pupils to develop a deep, long-term and adaptable understanding and passion of Mathematics. Our pupils are supported: setting the foundations and being highly challenged. We have high expectations for our pupils’ who are taught skills and knowledge which enable them to think mathematically. Our pupils are encouraged to celebrate their talents in house and national competitions.  

  • Science

    Science at Tranby aims to inspire all of our pupils. It allows pupils to experience the world and everything around us. We encourage our pupils to explore their curiosity by questioning and investigating. In our Prep Science Lab, pupils become ‘real scientists’ allowing them to explore their passion and enthusiasm for this subject. Many pupils are inspired to become scientists of the future.  

  • Sport

    Sport here at Tranby encompasses all that we are. Our curriculum looks to build sporting skill and technique, through competitive Games lessons where the ideas of teamwork and sportsmanship run alongside the expert tutelage of our sport staff. We encourage motivation and hard work so that pupils can improve their technique and understanding of different sports. We celebrate excellence and take pride in our pupil’s when they represent the name Tranby. 

  • STREAM/ Enrichment

    STREAM is an area of our curriculum where our pupils can find their subject passion and celebrate their talents. Here staff provide ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and activities based around Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Reading and the Arts. Tasks are inspiring and challenging allowing our pupils to meet their potential.

  • The Arts

    The Arts at Tranby set new standards of quality. Our specialised Art curriculum engages the children in thoughtful analysis of the techniques practiced by some of the most famous artists throughout history. Music is part of our identity and pupils’ passion is sparked in lessons, but we provide opportunities for them to further their intrigue through our expert peripatetic teachers, who offer one on one lessons of the highest order. Our regular concerts and performances provide the perfect platform for their brilliance to shine.  

  • Geography

    Our Geography curriculum looks to instill a passion for exploring and investigating the world, through observational case study practice. We look to challenge each and every child to understand the natural world at its most extreme, to recognise how the world lives autonomously from humans. Through these early experiences in the subjects, we a helping our students to flourish within the field, with an eye to specialise in this far-ranging and important subject.

  • History

    We provide a broad and deep History curriculum that covers many of the major historical periods and events. We develop skills of critical analysis, which are applied to reviewing the validity of historical sources. We aim to help pupils recognise that historical events have shaped the present world. By breeding passion for the subject, our children will use this deep knowledge and recognise their potential to use it to shape the future. 

  • Languages

    With our global society being more interconnected than at any time, the importance of children being able to learn another language is paramount. We provide early understanding of phrases and vocabulary that are foundational to further progression in Spanish. By understanding grammatical structures of other languages, equally helps to strengthen pupils understanding of their own language.