Mission and Ethos

Our mission and ethos centre around a sense of care and inclusion.

The school aims to embrace those who walk through its doors, whoever they may be. Whether this be their first or their last visit, we wish our visitors to have the abiding impression that they were welcomed, noticed, respected and would be welcome to return.

The main focus of such care is on the pupils: potential, current or former. Any action, policy or change is effected with the pupils’ best interests at heart. This does not mean acceding to the wants of the pupils but, as far as is physically possible, catering for their reasonable needs and ensuring that they receive, as a minimum, their entitlement: an excellent education.

No pupil can be truly happy without a sense of security. Tranby provides this through a sense of ownership and belonging - to a tutor group, to a year group, to a house, to a whole school community. In this, inter-personal relationships are crucial.

Pupils see that all staff, teaching or non-teaching, are valued and respected for their personal qualities and contributions to school life. Pupils feel that the form tutors, the subject teachers, the heads of year and the senior leadership team are approachable. Staff earn the pupils’ respect through allowing each pupil the freedom to find his or her niche and respecting and valuing his or her special talent.

The recognition and celebration of achievement, academic or otherwise, is crucial. Pupils arrive at the school each day confident and happy, ready for the challenges ahead. They have a sense of expectation and purpose; expectation in that they know what will be demanded of them, in appearance, attendance, conduct and work. Expectation also in that their experience of school allows them to explore the real sense of joy that achievement, improvement and belonging can bring.