School lunches are included within termly fees. Pupils can choose three-courses to include soup, hot options, pasta specials, sandwiches, salad bar and dessert. 

Foundation stage pupils have a simpler version of the main menu.  Food is freshly prepared on-site daily by the Head Chef and team of Lexington Independent.

Our menu is appetising, nutritious, balanced, and designed to encourage children to enjoy food, learn, play, and grow. Lunch is an integral part of the school day and something all children should look forward to. Lexington Independents dedicated catering team ensures the dining hall is a welcoming and happy place for your child.

  • All items on our menu are freshly cooked by our catering team in your school kitchens to ensure we’re always offering fresh and nutritious food whilst minimising salt and sugar in recipes.
  • No undesirable additives or artificial trans fats are used
  • Our menus provide for all dietary and cultural requirements
  • Our suppliers adhere to all appropriate food safety standards
  • Our catering team is supported with skills training in fresh produce

Our menus are developed with our in-house team of nutrition and dietetic experts to ensure we support pupils, parents and schools in nurturing healthy eating habits across all age groups.

Our diverse menus include a wide variety of options to suit all tastes and are based on feedback from pupils, staff, the catering team, parents and guardians.

A breakfast and break service is also provided for pupils and staff, extra charges applicable. 

The menu rotates on a three week cycle each term.