Vision and Aims

The fundamental aims of the School inform and guide everything we do. These aims are timeless and enduring, and they define well the broad and balanced approach to education that are the hallmark of Tranby.  We want every pupil to develop confidence, independence, curiosity, compassion and ultimately enjoy School and be happy.

 The School aims:

  • Nurture the potential of each individual by providing an ambitious academic education which encourages curiosity and a passion for learning
  • Be a place where every individual is well-known, can grow and find their niche so that pupils enjoy their school days and are happy by fostering warm relationships between staff and pupils and between the pupils themselves
  • Celebrate the talents of all by providing opportunities for pupils to try themselves out in a variety of ways in order to develop confidence, independence and resilience
  •  Develop compassion and respect in our pupils so that they are outward-looking, tolerant, and understand the importance of service to others.

''A school is so much more than what is learnt in the classroom. It is the friends you make, the experiences shared, and where inspiration manifests. A good school can unlock the world - that is what Tranby did for me.'' Dr. Matthew Stubbs - Alumni 2012