Year 9 Historians' Visit to The National Holocaust Centre and Museum

Year 9 Historians' Visit to The National Holocaust Centre and Museum


It's heartening to see that Year 9 History pupils are engaging deeply with the study of Nazi Germany, World War Two, and the Holocaust. Their visit to the National Holocaust Centre and Museum provided them with a profound educational experience, allowing them to delve into the complexities of this tragic period in history.

Participation in the educator-led program undoubtedly enriched their understanding by examining the choices made by ordinary individuals and their impact on the Holocaust. This approach likely encouraged critical thinking and reflection among the students, fostering a deeper comprehension of the events and their implications.

Exploring the Holocaust exhibition, walking through the memorial gardens, and engaging in a workshop on 'choices' provided pupils with tangible experiences to improve their learning. Additionally, the opportunity to hear firsthand testimony from a survivor made a lasting impression.

Overall, this visit was a significant and impactful learning opportunity for the Year 9 History pupils, enhancing their knowledge, empathy, and understanding of one of the darkest chapters in human history. Such immersive experiences are invaluable in shaping young minds and fostering a commitment to remembrance and understanding.