Social Action Team present at St Anne's College, Oxford

Social Action Team present at St Anne's College, Oxford


We are proud to be part of The Partnership Team which is made up of all schools across United Learning and ten associate independent schools from among the most prestigious in the country. The programme includes activities based around music, sport, drama, art, public speaking, enterprise, and social action. They enable pupils from different schools and backgrounds to come together in competition and collaboration. They draw on the highest standards of excellence and use the most inspirational venues and they help ensure that all the pupils have the best possible chance to achieve their full potential.

The Tranby Social Action Team are involved by promoting kindness and collaboration among their peers. The team, known as 'The Happiness Heroes', led by Prep School teacher Mr Dyson, has been diligently working on promoting acts of kindness within the School community. Their efforts have been recognised and applauded, particularly during a recent event where they presented their kindness project at St Anne’s College, Oxford.

The project showcased by 'The Happiness Heroes' received praise among peers from 15 schools across the country, demonstrating the impact of their initiatives. Additionally, pupils had the opportunity to engage in informative activities during their visit to St Anne’s College, including a campus tour and a lecture on identifying Greek Gods from artifacts.

This underscores the importance of fostering social responsibility and empathy among pupils, as well as the value of collaborative efforts in achieving common goals. It reflects positively on our commitment to providing opportunities for pupils to develop skills beyond academics and contribute positively to society.