Tranby Enrichment Programme

Tranby Enrichment Programme


At Tranby Sixth Form we believe in preparing our students for life after Sixth Form and engaging them in the wider community whilst teaching important life skills. The three core areas that we work under are:

  • Community participation
  • Personal development
  • Preparation for the wider world

Examples within these areas include any voluntary work, charity work, work experience, workshops and guest speakers. All students in the Sixth Form are expected to get involved and relish the range of extensive opportunities provided beyond the curriculum.

Through our enrichment programme this term, a number of students have chosen to volunteer in the Prep School across a range of year groups. Tasks they have taken part in include OPAL support, reading, delivery of Maths, writing development and communication skills in different languages. This is beneficial for the Sixth Form, but more importantly our younger children in the Prep School who receive one-to-one support as well as friendly faces who they can familiarise with as they move up the School.

We want our students to gain an insight into opportunities that are available to them to help shape their future. Encouraging students to get involved in school life creates a community ethos within the school and, as a result, fosters development of further skills such as teamwork, communication and commitment. It can also give students a steer on which subject areas or activities interest them the most, both inside and outside the classroom. Taking part in enrichment activities develop skills that prepare a student for life and the world of work.

The programme can boost self-confidence, develop leadership skills, instil self-motivation and can evidence good time management. Away from the pressure of passing exams, enrichment extends students' education and personal growth.

Georgia, Prep Volunteer for Year 3
“I was able to listen to the children read on an individual basis, and then I got the chance to experience OPAL play. It’s such a great opportunity to volunteer in the Prep School!”

Harry, Prep Volunteer for Year 2
“I think the Prep volunteering is really enjoyable. It was fascinating to see how the curriculum has changed since I was there. I have chosen to volunteer in Year 2 and in my last session they were focussing on and learning about what makes a good friend. Everyone makes me feel very welcome and accepted.

Olivia, Prep volunteer for Year 5
"My first session volunteering in the prep school was amazing and allowed me to develop my confidence. I got the opportunity to help the children mark their maths tests and then take them to the library and hear a few readers. I cannot wait to get to know the children more and help them with their studies as I continue to volunteer." 

At lunchtime we play football; there have been some amazing goals scored. Overall, I love the experience of volunteering and would recommend it to anyone who is considering it.”