French Teacher Mrs Pick Smashes The Robin Hood 100!

French Teacher Mrs Pick Smashes The Robin Hood 100!


This weekend was Mrs Pick’s third attempt at reaching 100 miles in a single event. We are delighted to announce that she completed the race in an astonishing 26 hours with 4 hours left to spare. The Robin Hood 100 is a challenging race which includes running through the night. Not only did Mrs Pick complete this event, she finished 18th overall and was the 4th female finisher.

Mrs Pick said ‘’The support I received from the race director and the volunteers was outstanding. I kept my friends updated via social media throughout, and their encouragements kept me going when I had to dig deep. After running by the light of my head torch for 10 hours, the relief of seeing dawn on the horizon and the feeling that the finish line was within my grasp, is something I'll never forget.’’

Headmistress, Alex Wilson said “Mrs Pick’s steadfast dedication to her sporting success provides exactly the kind of exemplary commitment that staff at Tranby are known for. We are incredibly proud of what she has achieved and know that future success is most certainly assured.”