Year 12 Phoebe expands her Spanish skills

Year 12 Phoebe expands her Spanish skills


Phoebe has just started her A level Spanish course and is continuing to show a high level of aptitude and commitment to language learning both in and out of class. One of her recent activities was to work with a group of younger children in her capacity as Girl Guide leader, introducing basic Spanish greetings and then following this up by teaching the different ingredients in Spanish of a typical Valencian paella. It was great fun putting the theory into practice as pupils cooked their own paella meal.  The group also played a variety of Spanish language games such as 'Spanish ladder' which practiced numbers 1 to 10 to the background of Spanish music.  Phoebe has a full timetable of four A levels but still finds the time to work with the younger pupils in school too, and will be starting a Prep Modern Foreign Languages club after school, alongside her Year 12 and 13 peers, from after half term.