Jeffrey Boakye - a true inspiration, visits Tranby

Jeffrey Boakye - a true inspiration, visits Tranby


Today, we welcomed Jeffrey Boakye, an ex-teacher turned writer, speaker and educator, known for weaving together complex issues of our time in an accessible and engaging way. With a particular interest in issues surrounding race, masculinity, education and popular culture, Jeffrey uses his charisma, energy and talent for the spoken and written word to write and educate.

Jeffrey's visit started with a tour of the Senior School with A Level English Literature students, Phoebe and Millie who enjoyed asking him lots of questions. He then presented at both Senior and Prep assemblies followed by two workshops for Year 7 and Years 5 and 6. 

Jeffrey’s workshops were fantastic. With refreshing openness, effortless charisma and boundless energy, he challenged pupils to rethink their understanding of their place in the world and responsibilities to their communities. The sessions provoked many important, ongoing discussions concerning how meaningful social change might be brought about.