Music Exam Results

Music Exam Results


28 Senior and 12 Prep School pupils took an instrumental music exam last term. Because of the current situation, they had to do this remotely; a challenging situation in itself. All were very well prepared, and they did themselves credit.

The overall pass rate was 100%, with 35% gaining Merit, and 32.5% gaining Distinction grades. We pass on our congratulations to them all.

Grade 1                             Instrument     Standard 

Claudia (Year 6)                 Singing             Merit

Isabella (Year 6)                 Singing            Pass

Ella  (Year 5)                        Singing            Pass

Aaron (Year 9)                     Piano               Distinction

Grade 2

Cristina (Year 10)                Cello                Distinction

Charlotte (Year 10)             Singing            Pass

Grade 3

Joyce (Pre Sixth)                  Cello                Merit

Amy (Year 5)                         Singing            Merit

Grade 4

Eloise (Year 10)                    Singing            Pass

Grade 5                                  

Mollie (Year 10)                     Singing           Merit

Sheema (Pre Sixth)               Violin              Pass

Trinity (Year13)                      Piano              Pass

Grade 7                                  

Abigail  (Year 9)                     Singing           Merit


Grade 3                               Instrument     Standard  

Luke (Year 8)                         Guitar               Merit


Initial                                   Instrument      Standard  

Jaymie (Year 4)                     Violin                Distinction

Avah ( Year 7)                        Violin                Merit

Mya (Year 4)                           Violin               Distinction

Erin (Year 4)                           Violin               Distinction

Alice (Year 7)                          Piano               Distinction

Megan (Year 7)                       Piano               Distinction

Sophie (Year 5)                       Piano               Pass

Yasmin (Year 5)                      Piano               Pass

Luca Barker                             Piano               Distinction

Grade 1

Ben (Year 6)                             Piano               Pass

Sam (Year 7)                            Piano               Merit

Susannah (Year 6)                  Alto Sax           Distinction

Erin (Year 7)                             Violin                Distinction

Angharad (Year 6)                   Piano                Pass

Grade 2

Chloe (Pre Sixth)                       Piano                Pass

Tegan (Year 8)                           Flute                  Distinction

Maisie  (Year 6)                         Piano                 Merit

Eleanor (Year 8)                        Flute                   Pass

Eleanor (Year 8)                        Viola                   Merit

Eve (Year 9)                               Piano                  Merit

Grade 3

Harry (Year 10)                          Clarinet              Merit

Charlie (Year 7)                          Violin                 Distinction

Mollie (Year 10)                          Piano                 Pass

Grade 4

Ava (Year 7)                                Clarinet              Distinction                      

Grade 5

Owen (Year 13)                          Singing              Merit

Grade 6

Ashlyn (Year 10)                        Violin                  Merit