Tranby School of Wizardry

Tranby School of Wizardry


This week we welcomed 14 external primary schools to Tranby for our enrichment days named 'School of Wizardry'. The event was held across two days where 200 pupils enjoyed a day of activities.  The day started with some Harry Potter music performed by the string orchestra in the Main Foyer. Pupils explored the world of spells through their linguistic roots in Languages; they brewed potions, explored dragon fire and summoned lightening at their fingertips as they dived into the Magic of Science at Tranby. Quidditch was played on the sports field and they made their own visual illusions in Psychology. 

In English, pupils learnt about the notion of equivocation by cracking curious riddles and embracing challenging quizzes. Pupils created their own shop to set up on Dragon Ally in the Business classroom. They were also brilliant historians investigating the Pendle witch trials of 1612. Two more sessions included Magical Art and The Philosopher's Rock.

Thank you to all the schools for attending. It was so nice to see pupils interacting and making new friends. We all thoroughly enjoyed our School of Wizardry!