Perform Better with 8billionideas - Summer Programme for Years 10-13

Perform Better with 8billionideas - Summer Programme for Years 10-13


We are delighted to announce an exciting opportunity for students in Years 10-13 for this summer holiday in alignment with our mission to give students the best education possible.

We have joined award-winning educational partners, 8billionideas, who have created a summer programme called Perform Better that will give students in Years 10-13 the keys to unlocking their own performance, no matter their aspirations or future career path whether it be as an entrepreneur, scientist, lawyer, medic, academic, businessperson, artist, musician, actor, creator or even an athlete. This really is an opportunity for ambitious students.

Over 4 virtual days, students can climb the mountain of performance, learning the skills and habits that embed success. It is facilitated live by their team and features exceptional activities that happen both on and off screen with course waves kicking off from the 11th July 2022.

8billionideas has created this in partnership with APEX2100 and Sir Clive Woodward. Sir Clive is one of the world’s leading sports coaches having led the England Rugby team to world cup glory and then Team Great Britain through 3 Olympics. With Sir Clive and a team of expert nutritionists, psychologists, and sports scientists, 8billionideas have created a programme that every student will benefit from.

Perform Better covers the impact that physical health and fitness has on our mental performance, how our minds think when managing adversity and anxiety, and habit building using cognitive science. Once students have ‘reached the top of the mountain’ on Day 4, they will consider their goals for their lives and careers ahead. They will then be invited back to the Perform Better Conference in November and receive a certificate of completion.

There are only 1000 places this summer available globally for students. For more information and bookings please click HERE.

Here is a short clip to give you an insight about this fantastic summer programme. It really brings to life the power of this course!