Year 3 Camping at Tranby

Year 3 Camping at Tranby


Year 3 have survived for days in the wilds of Tranby! This fabulous camping experience was run by The Outdoors People. The activities and delivery were perfectly designed for our pupils. 

They raised the flag, pitched their tents, woven bracelets, crafted stone pendants, purified water and even taste-tested creepy crawly critters for snacks! Toasted marshmallows and stories around the campfire last night were a must and our campers fell asleep happy and content.

Headmistress Alex Wilson said, "This is a truly fantastic opportunity for pupils. The ethos of the camp really supports our School values of belonging, resilience, assurance, independence and no-limits! I saw so many of these being demonstrated by pupils. It was lovely to have breakfast with them this morning after their overnight camping adventure.''

Thank you to Mrs Malthouse and Mrs Crossland.