Year 9 pupils visit the National Holocaust Museum

Year 9 pupils visit the National Holocaust Museum


On Tuesday 26  April, we took Year 9 pupils to the National Holocaust Centre and Museum. Whilst there we explored the exhibition, paused for contemplation in the memorial gardens and were fortunate enough to speak to Janine Webber who was born in Eastern Poland in 1932 and survived Nazi persecution and the Holocaust.

Such first-hand testimonies are increasingly rare but are essential in helping pupils to rehumanize the horrific events of the Holocaust. Janine spoke emphatically about the importance of showing kindness and humanity to all people and the pupils drew parallels with the current refugee crisis in the Ukraine. The challenge in History teaching is always trying to understand the choices made by people in the past.

As we left the museum, we were gifted 20 candles as part of the Yellow Candle Project.  Each is dedicated to victim of the Holocaust and the idea is to light the candles as an act of memorialization as close as possible to Yom Hashoah.

Head of History, Mrs Atkin said ‘’What impressed me was the conversations it provoked amongst the pupils as they researched the names listed on the cards and were keen to know who they were and what their experience had been. These personal stories help us to reconnect. Some pupils thoughtfully lit the candles at school, whilst others took them home. The sensitivity and care taken by the pupils was an absolute credit to them’’.