Tranby Golf Programme

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Why is the partnership important?

In light of the wide range of sports and activities we have seen the boys and girls take part in outside of the school curriculum and extra-curricular offering, it is with great excitement that we ae able to offer a golf programme that fits in to pupil's timetabled Games lesson time.

It is at this point during their school life that pupils begin to realise where their real interests and passions lye and we only see fit that we give pupils from Year 10 and beyond a richer, more realistic offering to incorporate sports and physical activity that they are likely to pursue after their time at school as well as advance them to a point where they are competing to their highest level.


Who is it for?

The programme is for Year 9 pupils and above, however we will work with pupils who show a real interest in golf or who play to a high standard and show particular talent in lower year groups (subject to approval from Mr Henderson).

There is no set standard that the pupil must be at to enrol in the programme, beginners are more than welcome as are advanced players.

When will it happen and how will it work?

In a nutshell we will use the games lesson time to take pupils to Hull Golf Club where they will be coached by the club professionals and get the opportunity to play the course. Transport to and from the course as well as necessary equipment (unless they have their own) will be organised.

The programme will also be available for pupils in Years 11, 12 and 13 to take advantage on during their Wednesday afternoon games lesson 14:00 - 16:00.

Pupils may wish to dip in and out of the Golf coaching according to the sports being played/taught during that term.


Flexible coaching sessions for years 12 and 13

The partnership will also allow year 12 & 13 pupils to use their free periods to book and attend extra coaching sessions at their discounted price. However please note that no transport will be arranged for these extra sessions and pupils/players wishing to go down and have any one off coaching sessions must arrange, book and pay for this directly with the club.



Tranby PE Department will also be working closely with Hull Golf Club to facilitate opportunities to host and attend inter school competitions/fixtures as well as taking some of the younger pupils to try the game.

  1. ISA National Golf Championships.
  2. Yorkshire Schools Championship (currently held at Malton – run by Kevin Hughes)
  3. Parents, pupils (past and present), staff and friends of the school fun Open Comp plus meal


Cost break down

There will be an additional cost to pay for this unique opportunity which is to be added to the school fees at the start of the year, it will include a one and half hour coaching session with the Hull Golf Club Professional per week, an annual seven day membership at Hull Golf Club as well as a discount at the club shop for equipment. In addition to this, Tranby pupils on the programme will be eligible for a discount on all extra coaching sessions they book directly at Hull Golf Club.

£110 for a 6-day junior membership (Saturdays not included) which must be taken out by any/all pupils wishing to access the programme whether they use it in school time or outside (April to March Membership year).

£200 Each term of a block of lessons (1.5 hours to take place during games lesson time approximately £20 per session over a 9-11 week period), this includes any equipment if needed and transport to and from the course in the games lesson allotted time.


The termly breakdown of coaching in games lesson time

Please note the weeks/time is worked out around the normal school interruptions of exam weeks, PSHCE days etc.

Pupils may wish to dip in and out of the Golf coaching according to the sports being played/taught during that term. If this is the case then the following formula can be applied – Hull Golf Club member ship fee + the number of terms wishing to. So that the school and the Golf Club can plan pupils must inform the PE Department in advance which terms they will be taking golf.

Michaelmas Term

Term 1 – made up of 11 weeks (so a total of 16.5 hours of coaching)  

Lent Term

Term 2 - made up of 10 weeks (so a total of 15 hours of coaching)   

Trinity Term

Term 3 - made up of 9 weeks (so a total of 13.5 hours of coaching)