Enrichment and Co-Curricular

There are a variety of extra-curricular activities open to students in the Sixth Form including an extensive and relevant enrichment programme encompassing guest speakers, workshops and opportunities to excel beyond the classroom. 


Sport, drama and music remain a prominent part of Sixth form life, regardless of which A-Levels you are studying. You can represent your team at sports fixtures, take part in Senior School productions (both on the stage or behind the scenes) or sing in a school choir. Sixth Formers are also encouraged to help in the running or organisation of activities, or even start their own.

Sixth Form life is about taking new opportunities and meeting new people and so joining a new activity, society or mentoring programes is actively encouraged. There is a wealth of activities that all Sixth Formers are encouraged to take a part in and help run, as well as a host of societies that are on offer, for students to belong to.

Roles and Responsibility

Sixth Form students are rold models to the rest fo the School which cascades down to younger students, helping create the community undercurrent that runs throughout the school. Developing skills in teamwork and leadership, communication and presentation, problem-solving and tolerance, is a vital part of preparing you for the future. All Upper Sixth students are Prefects with additional positions of responsibility available; Head Prefect, Deputy Head Prefects, Sports Captains, Mentors in Maths and English and form group mentors, providing a valuable point of contact for younger students.

The Social Team takes responsibility for planning the sixth Form Christmas Party and the Leavers' Ball. They help to ensure that the Sixth Form is a vibrant and cohesive community as well as gaining valuable experience in leadership and organisiation.