Year 2 Robyn has her first book published

Year 2 Robyn has her first book published


Year 2 Robyn has been working on a series of books, and we are very proud to announce she has got the first one published on Amazon Kindle. The book is titled 'Chronicles of Pizza and Cola: Pizza and Cola Solve a Problem'.

Robyn is thrilled and this what she had to say, ''I am 6 years old and I decided to write this book which is a part of a series that tells stories using foods that I like. I drew the pictures all by myself because I love art. This book tells the story of two friends: Pizza and Cola who encounter some problems and use problem solving skills to resolve the issue. I want other children my age to read my stories and for them to laugh because they are funny. This will also improve my writing skills and when I grow up I will write more stories about science.''

Well done Robyn, we are all super proud of you! 

You can buy Robyn's book HERE.